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At Bauer Evans, we believe you should only have to go to one place to get your financial affairs in order, especially since they’re all so interconnected. That’s why, in addition to our tax planning services, our clients are able to take advantage of the retirement, investment, and estate planning services offered by our sister company, Madrona Financial Services. We call this multi-dimensional and comprehensive approach, “The Bundle.”

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The advisors at Madrona Financial Services are fiduciaries and CPAs meaning your retirement recommendations will always be made with your best interests and tax-smart strategies at the forefront.

Retirement Solutions
The retirement landscape we face today has evolved drastically in the past few decades. Generations before us had guaranteed sources of lifetime income from their employers, collected their Social Security benefits, and only needed their retirement income to last another 10 years or so. Today, we’re living longer, employers are more likely to offer 401ks and IRAs than pensions, and our Social Security benefits likely aren’t enough to support what could be a 30-year retirement. That’s why you need a comprehensive financial plan that helps to get you to and through retirement—maximizing your nest egg potential while minimizing your tax burden. Madrona Financial Services can explain the risks you face, the options available to you regarding retirement investments and income, and help you make the best-educated decision for your specific situation. They’ll be sure to help you understand strategies that allow you to secure your legal maximum Social Security benefit, preserve your wealth by reducing exposure to future market downturns, and create reliable income streams to last you through retirement.
Legacy Building
Over the coming decades, Boomers will pass down $30 trillion in assets to their families yet too few have a plan for how the wealth transfer will occur or strategies in place to minimize the tax burden their loved ones will face. Estate plans need to be designed and executed with a high level of attention to detail in order to minimize related taxes for your family and heirs, allow your assets to pass on outside of probate court, and make sure your final wishes are carried out exactly as planned. Even small mistakes can prove to be very expensive and invalidate legal documents, which is why our team of professionals takes the time to review every aspect of your plan extensively. Our team looks forward to the opportunity to help you get your affairs in order with the confidence of knowing your legacy will leave its mark.


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